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Frida & John

The basics
  • 955
  • Name:

    Frida & John

  • Age:

    27 & 29

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Sex life:


Frida and John met on a dating app, and upon meeting irl felt an instant spark which resulted in an incredibly smoky first date. Their most adventurous sex story happened last month when they were up north in Maine. After getting caught skinny dipping at a secluded swimming hole in the middle of the woods, they hiked down a creek until finding another spot to dip their bodies in. The water was freezing so they had to clutch each other for warmth. When they got out of the water they lit up a joint and as they smoked on the rocks they both became aroused and tore each other to shreds right then and there.

As far as sex positions go, Frida's favorite is cowgirl, with John lying flat on his back and thrusting his pelvis into her while she grinds back and forth on his cock. John's favorite is a version of doggy style, where she's on her knees with them spread out, and he's squeezing her with his arms from behind. They have sex almost every night, and they love to have morning sex as well, on those rare occasions when they can wake up together without one of them having to rush off to work. As far as kinks go, they're not too wild, some light bondage and S&M is normal for them. They like butt stuff but often have trouble getting past the more gentle anal play and small finger type penetration to bigger items and actually hard fucking in the ass. They’re still working on it though…


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Frida & John's Video Collection

Desert Shack Up
For their second video for Lustery, Frida and John have escaped the New York City winter to the stunning Tatacoa Desert in Colombia, where they are vacationing for a month. In a scene as hot as their surroundings, the couple take turns pleasing each other orally in a beautiful desert yurt before passionately fucking under the expansive blue sky.
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