Renata & Emi

The basics
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  • Name:

    Renata & Emi

  • Age:

    31 & 32

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Bariloche, Argentina

  • Sex life:


Renata (Argentinan) and Emi (Chilean) are a lesbian couple who met a year and a half ago at a mutual friend’s film party in the city where Emi was studying and Renata was visiting. From the first moment they met, they felt an immediate connection and were soon traveling together.

On the trip, they loved discovering each other’s habits and the many things they had in common, including diet, conscious consumption, and an affinity for nature and animals. They are now life partners who support each other in difficult moments and companions in adventure who will soon be travelling again.

Since they are in an open, long distance relationship, they make the most of their time together by making love as much as possible (regardless of their surroundings). Once, after being away from each other almost three months, they had quickie in the kitchen while Renata’s flatmate was in the bathroom, finishing without the friend suspecting a thing.

When together, they love to spend whole days naked in bed watching films, talking, eating, and making love. They have different kinds of sex almost every day, going with the flow and improvising their connection depending on the moment and feeling. They like to play with masculinity and femininity, and switch between dominant and submissive roles frequently.

They particularly love oral and licking each bit of the body, sensing each other’s breath and temperature to find the point of maximum pleasure before climax. They get turned on by smells, sometimes putting on perfume before fucking or experimenting with coconut or cannabis oils.


Bedroom, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Hand Job, Moaning, Teasing, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Face-to-face, Breast Kissing, Short Hair, Tattoos, Breast Sucking, Talking Spanish, Cuddling, Queer, Blonde Hair, Lesbian.

Renata & Emi's Video Collection

VLOG: The Mexican Diaries
Renata and Emi both adore travelling, and so chose to document their most recent journey through Mexico as this month’s edition of the Lustery VLOG. The lovely lesbians capture some stunning vistas and amazing experiences in their travelogue, including swimming in subterranean cave pools in the Yucatecan jungle, SCUBA diving with sea turtles in Cozumel, and exploring Mayan ruins in Chiapas. In addition to enjoying babbling jungle waterfalls, breathtaking beachside sunsets, and delicious vegetarian cuisine, the gorgeous couple were also happy to sit down answer several questions about their relationship, ranging from their dumbest arguments to who has the bigger sex drive. Indeed, they then show off that drive in a fantastic sex sequence that begins with them secretly skinny dipping and teasing each other underwater in the Pacific Ocean, before heading home and eating each other out in the shower. Not satisfied there, the two move to the bedroom where they enjoy wild lovemaking that features a rabbit vibrator, nipple play, and scissoring. Whether fucking, feasting, or enjoying a French film, Renata and Emi clearly had a truly memorable vacation together!
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