Eva & Sharruska

The basics
  • 83
  • Name:

    Eva & Sharruska

  • Age:

    24 & 22

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Valencia, Spain

  • Sex life:


Eva and Sharruska lived in the same city and had a lot of common friends, they finally met for the first time two years ago one night at a poetry jam session at an alternative cultural bar. By the end of the night, they were partying together. In the week after that evening they happened to bump into each other on the street or at events all the time, and due to circumstantial coincidences, they ended up in a threesome! They enjoyed it, and so they met again, from there they began dating.

They have an open relationship, they enjoy fucking other people together or on their own. Their relationship also has an exhibitionist side, and so they like fucking in public spaces. Once they were having sex in a community pool and suddenly they realised a neighbour was watching but they didn’t really care, they continued undisturbed, even more turned on. They have sex with each other every other day, and they share their passion for BDSM and a feet fetish.

Eva & Sharruska's Video Collection

  • 04.10.18
    Opening the Toy Box
    Eva and Sharruska have a varied sex life, sometimes it involves other people, sometimes it involves BDSM and sometimes, like today for example, it involves delving in to their toy box! Their first video for Lustery also allows them to indulge their exhibitionist side, the feeling of being watched really turns them on…we can tell!
    Full video

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