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Mina & Nick

The basics
  • 154
  • Name:

    Mina & Nick

  • Age:

    22 & 38

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Valencia, Spain

  • Sex life:


A pandemic romance, Nick and Mina met on the first day of Spain’s 2020 lockdown, which as it turns out, gave them plenty of time to get to know each other without any other distractions. While social distancing from everyone else, they were quick to move in together and use their time growing closer to each other, and along with forming a powerful bond, they had ample time to make sex a daily focus – something that remains the case even today. They say, “We have sex every day; this is something that’s important for us. We consider it to be the best way to start the day, so we start off with good energy and joy.” The Valencia-based pair say that while their relationship is all sweetness, hugs and kisses, they like using sex as an opportunity for things to get a little “harder” and that they both love missionary, when the other person is on top and dressing up in different costumes or lingerie. The lovebirds even once got so caught up in the moment that they had sex in front of a photographer, an experience which, although they’re used to having sex on camera, was much more intimate as it captured something real. Perfect practice for Lustery, wouldn’t you say?


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Mina & Nick's Video Collection

A Perfect Ten
Valencia-based lovebirds Mina and Nick met on the first day of Spain’s 2020 pandemic lockdown and hit it off so instantly that they spent the next few months with only each other for company, developing a deep relationship and a red-hot sex life. Nick says that if anything, their sex surpasses a perfect 10, and if ever we needed proof, their Lustery debut offers it in sensual abundance, featuring everything from droolworthy oral and rimming to foot play and position changes aplenty.
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