Silvia & Desmond

The basics
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    Silvia & Desmond

  • Age:

    32 & 30

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Reykjavík & Barcelona

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Seems like Tinder’s not the only app creating connections of the carnal kind – at least not as far as Spanish lovers Desmond and Silvia are concerned. The pair first got to know each other on Instagram, expressing their desire to perform together on-screen. As it turns out, when they met in person early this year, sparks flew and expressing their desire became something quite literal (yeah, you know what we mean) with no “performance” needed as they document their fiery new passion for Lustery.

Most recently, the couple explored Tenerife together, also taking some time to explore each other’s bodies on the island’s highest peak. “It was so hot fucking while on the lookout for hikers on the paths around us,” they tell Lustery. Though Desmond lives in Reykjavík and Silvia in Barcelona, the two look for any excuse to meet up and hook up. With their sex going from “tender kissing and touching to growling, biting, licking and fucking like pure animals”, when they come together, they really come together.


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Silvia & Desmond's Video Collection

Come and Sí
With even just the merest eye contact feeling like a sensual act of provocation, Spanish lovers Desmond and Silvia’s Lustery debut is captivating from the very instant the two teasingly begin to play with each other. As the action gets more heated with Desmond first eating Silvia out, groaning with pleasure as he savors every moment between her legs. Deepthroating him later with her pierced tongue flicking out to taste and draw him in even more, their blissful cries of “Sí, sí, sí!” become more all the more urgent. The couple take turns on top, relishing the opportunity to tantalize the other ever closer to climax. It ends with some of the hottest mutual masturbation ever to sear its way onto Lustery screens, as the two get off on watching each other cum.
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