Snax & Manon

The basics
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    Snax & Manon

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    25 & 35

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    Open relationship

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Snax and Manon met at a gay bar. Manon liked Snax from the first moment, but Snax was there with a good friend, and Manon thought they were girlfriends, so she was shy at the beginning. Quite quickly things became clearer and they started to make out – they feel they haven't stopped making out since that night.

Although both of them have and enjoy kinky sex, they are not kinky with each other. Snax is the mommy and Manon is the baby, and they are always cuddling. They really like to watch the other one making out with other people at parties. Since they have an open, long-distance relationship, their relationship is built on trust and communication and lives in the moments when they are together.


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Snax & Manon 's Video Collection

A More Perfect Reunion
Due to their transatlantic long-distance relationship, Snax and Manon rarely get to see each other in person and usually must rely on video chat to stay connected. Luckily for us, for their second Lustery submission the enchanting couple decided to film their first physical intimacy in over a year! Snax brought her strap-on all the way from Philadelphia to Berlin for the occasion, and the ensuing release of sexual anticipation is truly a joy to behold.
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