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Luca & Veronika

The basics
  • 110
  • Name:

    Luca & Veronika

  • Age:

    27 & 38

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Los Angeles, United States

  • Sex life:


When Los Angeles-based married couple Veronika and Luca say that they met via an online dating site, that’s really only half the story (and despite seeming so perfect to each other that they each thought they were being catfished, the less exciting half at that). Their connection was so instantaneous – they said “I love you” on the first date and were married within seven weeks of meeting – that they reckon they must’ve been together in a previous life. They say, “It feels like we can communicate without ever speaking. We gaze into each other's eyes with ease and we can sit in comfortable silence… We might start making out though – it's hard to stay off each other!”

While a penchant for public sex and a long list of kinks makes their sex life as interesting as their love story, their most adventurous sex story is fittingly personal. It was on New Year’s Eve proposing to Luca while he penetrated Veronika on New Year’s Eve when Veronika proposed to Luca right on the stroke of midnight – which also happened to be while he was penetrating her. “The fact that we made sure we were physically linked and as one when it happened, made us feel like there's nothing that can change our love,” they say. We can’t wait for these parents, entrepreneurs and self-confessed “exhibitionist introverts” and “deviant duo” to share more of that love – and lust! – here on Lustery.


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Luca & Veronika's Video Collection

CUMmunication: Suck It And See
As the couple so unafraid to vocalize what they’re feeling that they said “I love you” on the first date, it’s apt that the final part of our CUMmunication special takes us into the bedroom of deviant duo Luca and Veronika. The adventurous pair explains that when it comes to talking about your desires, it’s not about saying ‘yes’ to everything – it’s also sexy to know your own limits and, of course, to say ‘maybe’ to something new. And after the ‘tell’, it’s time for the ‘show’ with nipple play and flogging making it onto the day’s menu. And once the nipple suction toys come out, you can bet that’s not the only drool-worthy sucking you’ll see…
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