Introducing: Luca & Veronika

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Of course, they’d never actually encountered each other before, let alone met – well, not in this life anyway. “We’ve been together before, in past lives,” say the Los Angeles-based pair. “It’s the only explanation for such an organic and naturally beautiful friendship that developed rapidly into a romantic relationship, enthralling (albeit short) engagement and finally evolved into an epic elopement during an epidemic. We met, got engaged within 22 days (Veronika proposed to Luca at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve), and then got married 48 days after that (exactly seven weeks after meeting)!”

“We love, cherish, adore, and respect each other beyond understanding. We came together as full whole individuals but fit each other like puzzle pieces who feel like we've found our other half,” they say. Both are parents and love seeing the importance of family reflected in each other. Together, they say, they aim to “provide an example to our children to be independent in this life, question everything and be free to be exactly who they feel.”

For these Twin Flames, their similarities far from end there. For one, they both love what they call “freaky, nasty, messy sex”. “We have the most intense, passionate, emotional and intimate sex life. It's yummy and gooey and filled with absolutely all the incredible feelings and pleasures The Universe intended all of us to feel,” they say. They both adore morning sex. For Veronika, who has a cum fetish, there’s no better way to start the day than with a huge load from her husband inside her. He loves getting deep throated and she loves his sex faces when she takes him all in and gags. And recent experiments with anal have no made that a firm favorite too – Luca can’t get enough of Veronika’s ass, whether he’s eating or fucking it!

The self-described “Deviant Duo” say that they’re still discovering so much about themselves and each other. And the best part of all is that they’re doing it on camera! “We cum watching our own porn and look forward to sharing our fun nastiness with whomever wants to witness,” they say.

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