Estigia & Heiwa

The basics
  • 122
  • Name:

    Estigia & Heiwa

  • Age:

    23 & 25

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Galicia, Spain

  • Sex life:


Spanish lovers Estigia and Heiwa met at a manga, anime and video game convention. The tattooed and bubbly babes say that they immediately hit it off, fast striking up a friendship and spending the next few months getting to know each other little by little. And then friendship turned to something more and although the playful pair were long distance at the time, separated by 2,000km and a pandemic, they grew ever closer. Distance didn’t dampen their desire either; they explain that sex is present in their relationship daily, whether they’re together or not “with video calls, hot conversations or conventional sex”. “We like to play a lot when we are together and when we are not too,” they say.

A long list of fetishes and favourite toys make playing all the more interesting. They list consensual pain, erotic asphyxiation and drool as top contenders for kinks and say that their toy box is stuffed with vibrators, harnesses with dildos, fuck machines, whips, gags, ropes, pinwheels and more. Joining Lustery is the next part of their adventure together. They say, “We would like to show our sex life in a natural way and represent that all bodies and types of relationships can have a full and healthy sexuality.”


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Estigia & Heiwa's Video Collection

Have Toys, Will Play
The fact that sapphic Spanish babes Estigia and Heiwa first met at a manga, anime and video gaming convention might be your first hint that fun and friskiness is central to their sex life but if that doesn’t give it away, their toy collection will. As the pierced and tattooed lovers make their adorable Lustery debut, a few of their toys come out to play too: a wand, dildo, vibrator and pinwheel… It’s playtime and these girls are game!
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