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Jak & Dahlia

The basics
  • 233
  • Name:

    Jak & Dahlia

  • Age:

    29 & 26

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Toronto, Canada

  • Sex life:


Jak and Dahlia have a dating app to thank for meeting each other, though contrary to so many dating app romances, rather than meeting then-and-there that day, the two took it slow, getting to know each other online for a few months first. If it hadn’t already come through in the DMs, the day they met – “a cute sushi date” – the chemistry was undeniable and the two have been together the two years since. The Canadian couple both work in the adult industry, so they’re no strangers to the business of fantasy (much less naked on camera) but as far as they’re concerned, reality is so much hotter. For them, joining Lustery is a chance to show a “realer and more genuine” side of their sex life – and considering they “like it rough and frequent, and love experimenting with new kinks and new ways to play with each other in the bedroom”, we can’t wait to see what that is! Bearded babe Jak’s favourite position in bed is doggystyle with a side of hair-pulling and some light choking, while tattooed cutie Dahlia admits she has “an intense love for sucking dick”, loves missionary (especially when there's a vibrator involved) and she loves taking it rough from Jak. They say, “We are both very excited to explore the site and show everyone what we as a couple have to offer!”


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Jak & Dahlia's Video Collection

The Real Deal
Jak and Dahlia aren’t new to the adult industry but they are new to Lustery. Why? “We'd like to showcase a realer, more genuine side of our sex life, and that's why we're here,” they say. Their stunner of a first submission shows a side of their intimacy that doesn’t get more real than this: from Dahlia’s first excited moans, it’s all action and no acting. This red-hot debut also showcases the couple’s favourite things: Dahlia loves having Jak’s dick in her mouth while doggy-style fucking tops his lust list.
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