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Leono & Ulysses

The basics
  • 54
  • Name:

    Leono & Ulysses

  • Age:

    23 & 26

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Lugo, Spain

  • Sex life:


You could call this Spanish couple – artist Leono and newly-graduated partner Ulysses – a Tinder success story but it might be more accurate that they’re a heavy-metal-and-incredible-sexual-chemistry success story. That is, after all, how they first bonded. Four years later, they’re still together and more in love – and lust – than ever. “In addition to feeling great sexual attraction for each other, we emotionally complement each other on many levels,” they say. “For us, the most important things in a relationship are communication, respect, empathy and mutual care. These have always been the pillars of our relationship, which have helped us both overcome body complexes and liberate ourselves in the sexual sphere.” That liberation has taken them from exploring BDSM to indulging their exhibitionistic tendencies in the bathrooms of a train (and getting caught!), to discovering shared kinks like fluids and lingerie to – much to our delight – sharing their sex lives on Lustery. We can’t wait to see more!


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Leono & Ulysses's Video Collection

Tease Me, Touch Me, Taste Me
For Spanish lovers Ulysses and Leono, every moment of their Lustery debut is utilized to tantalizing effect – whether it’s Leono using her long hair to trail over her partner’s skin, or Ulysses eagerly flipping her over to have easier access to her pussy and boobs; whether it’s the way Leono wraps her lips around his cock or Ulysses hungrily sucking her toes while they fuck. The only thing left to do is share in their mutual pleasure… and, of course, a big mouthful of Ulysses’ cum.
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