Introducing: Ulysses & Leono

Category: Couple News

After connecting on Tinder more than four years ago, the pair say that from the moment they met, their insane sexual chemistry was apparent. Yes, they fucked on the first date, and as they say, “We are still here and we’re more in love than ever.”

Aside from their intense early sexual attraction, Ulysses, who is newly graduated, and Leono, a painter, illustrator and tattoo artist, say that it was also evident that they complemented each other emotionally. The pair, who are busy restoring a farmhouse in a small village, say that their relationship has always been centred around communication, respect, empathy and mutual care – pillars that have not only deepened their love but have helped them “overcome body complexes and liberate ourselves in the sexual sphere”.

This sexual blossoming has revealed both an adventurous and an exhibitionistic streak (a winning combo here on Lustery). “We tend to make love almost every day,” they say. “Among our standout sexual stories there’s the time when we were caught doing it in the bathrooms of a train, the time when we did it in the cabin of a sex shop while people from other cabins listened in on us and once when we broke a bed – of course, we continued doing it even if the bed was broken.”

They’ve also been able to explore their kinks and fetishes together – a few of which we get a front row seat to in their mesmerising Lustery debut. “We both love BDSM,” they say, “specifically when Ulysses takes the role of master and Leono of his submissive. Besides that, we both love salophilia, lingerie and fluids.” We’re guessing that filming themselves is most certainly going to make it onto that list too…

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