Kate & Axel

The basics
  • 84
  • Name:

    Kate & Axel

  • Age:

    33 & 41

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Wroclaw, Poland

  • Sex life:


Kate and Axel met six years ago in a sex chat room, and on that day their life began anew. Like Yin and Yang, they were a perfect match for each other and felt like soulmates from the very start. Their adventure together is always moving forward, and they can’t wait to see where it leads!

Both consider themselves horny and naughty, and so they are always looking for new adventures. Of their many crazy experiences together, perhaps the most unforgettable was the time they had sex in an IKEA with some women and were caught by security! They welcome any opportunity to spend quality, lustful time with other open-minded people.

The charming Polish couple take pleasure in almost everything in the bedroom (and out), but their favorite position is definitely doggy style. They consider deep-throating their favorite fetish, and both love engaging in dom-sub play. Generous lovers, they are happy to share their passion here on Lustery; after all, sharing is caring!


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Kate & Axel's Video Collection

VLOG: Snow Business
Soulmates from the start, Kate and Axel make no secret of the fact that they’re always searching for new adventures together. Their latest thrill hunt takes them all the way into the Polish mountains for a dirty weekend away – and they’re taking us along with them in their new VLOG for Lustery. It’s clear that when they’re together, these two don’t know the meaning of playing it cool. Even on a hike through the snow, their dirty talk gets temperatures rising and it’s not long before Axel has his pants around his knees and Kate on hers for a blowjob so hot it’s a wonder there’s any snow left. Watch it for the spectacular drone footage as well as their sneaky fooling around on the ski lift – sex doesn’t get more scenic than this. Back at their accommodation, they might be out of the snow but the show goes on as the horny couple get cozy and very, very naked…
Full video

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