Andy & Kitty

The basics
  • 455
  • Name:

    Andy & Kitty

  • Age:

    46 & 49

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Vancouver, BC

  • Sex life:


Andy and Kitty met almost 8 years ago while taking salsa classes. Andy was immediately smitten with Kitty’s gorgeous smile and down to earth personality, but it took him 3 classes to find the courage to ask her out for coffee. On the date, it became clear that Kitty is an expert at getting people to open up while saying nearly nothing about herself (except for the fact that she didn’t need a boyfriend). Not to be deterred, Andy used the remaining classes to convince her that he was worthy of her attention… and clearly succeed, as the two have been happily married for over 4 years now.

Their sex depends on their moods and how they are feeling. It can be vanilla with just missionary, dominating with Kitty forcing Andy’s face between her legs or Andy bending Kitty over so he can taste all of her yummy parts. Andy loves to devour her tastiness (whether cunnilingus or anilingus) and in turn Kitty loves the taste of Andy’s cum and is very eager to swallow it all up. The couple love all types of sex: missionary, 69, doggy, oral, cum swallowing, and toys. Further, they have a little exhibitionist in them, having fucked in front of a window visible to their neighbors. While they hope to fuck in public outside soon, they are very excited to share their love life on Lustery!


Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Moaning, Male Pov, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Face-to-face, Shaved Pubic Hair, Sex Toy, Breast Kissing, Loud Orgasm, Short Hair, Blonde Hair, Masturbating, Mouthfuck, Face Sitting, Magic Wand, Handjob, POV, Fluid Bonded.

Andy & Kitty's Video Collection

Silver Tonguing
From charming a reluctant Kitty in their initial courtship to enthusiastically eating out his now-wife, Andy certainly is quite skilled with his tongue! Silhouetted against a city skyline in their very first Lustery video, the deceptively wild couple trade luscious oral sex before fucking passionately and closing with some of the dirtiest post-coital banter we’ve heard yet!
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