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Gen & Mitch

The basics
  • 201
  • Name:

    Gen & Mitch

  • Age:

    27 & 28

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Perth, Australia

  • Sex life:


When Perth-based pair Gen and Mitch first met at work, Mitch’s rule was “don’t screw the crew”. Of course, he hadn’t counted on their undeniable chemistry and what started out as a casual fling centered around laughter and sex soon turned into a shared vision of the future – a future built together. Naturally, laughter and sex are still key, with the couple saying that they’re always trying to make each other smile – even serious conversations usually end with a giggle. And they’re also still prioritizing their intimate lives (joining Lustery is a big part of that), indulging in the positions and acts they’ve come to love and experimenting with kinks like roleplay and bondage. “When we’re ready, sex typically starts in missionary,” they say. “We love all aspects of this position. When we have a deeper passion, it’s great to be connected with each other here. It allows us to read facial expressions and hold each other closely. Even though Gen is more submissive, she loves to get on top and take control. Cowgirl gives her confidence and allows her to move in a way that maximises her pleasure. Mitch craves to see her enjoy herself and can’t help but thrust deeper for optimal sensation.” Four years later, they say, they’re still learning new things about their sexuality – and we couldn’t be more honoured to be joining them for this part of the ride.


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Gen & Mitch's Video Collection

A Deeper Passion
Perth-based pair Gen and Mitch have been together four years, a casual fling between colleagues turned passionately committed. Their Lustery debut is a sensual ode to some of their favorite sex acts, beginning with a mesmerizing makeout session before Mitch kisses his way down Gen’s body to spend some quality time between her legs making her gasp. From there, it’s Gen’s turn to take charge and get on top…
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