Introducing: Gen & Mitch

Category: Couple News

The Perth-based lovers have been together for four years now, having started off as seemingly nothing more than a fling. “At first, it was a very casual relationship, which quickly transformed into the bond we have today,” they say.

It’s a bond that has seen them through the wild and spontaneous early months, where everything was just laughter and fucking (including having sex in parked car late one night after flirting over drinks all evening), to building a life together. “When we first started dating, one of the things we bonded over was our vision of the future,” they say. “Our ambition and plans for what we wanted to achieve in our lives complemented each other, as well as our shared love of food, travel, and adventure.”

But just because things are more serious now, it doesn’t mean they’re serious. The pair describe their relationship as “goofy” and say that it’s always a challenge keeping a straight face around one another. “We’re constantly trying to make each other laugh with silly faces and jokes. Even when we are trying to have a serious conversation about goals, finances or plans, we also make room for a punch line.”

It’s a fun-loving approach that extends to the bedroom too where they might be experimenting with anything from dressing up (Gen loves sexy lingerie and Mitch loves that about her) to bondage and roleplay. “Our sex life varies depending on how busy we are but when we have a larger window, we enjoy taking our time with each other,” they say. “It usually starts with a lot of making out; Gen loves to feel in control here. She takes the lead until Mitch can’t take it anymore and will start caressing and kissing her whole body.” And their decision to join Lustery is all a part of making intimacy an even greater priority – cheers to that!

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