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    Aimee & Caden

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    28 & 33

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    Life partners

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Aimee and Caden met quite literally at the bottom of the Earth, while working seasonal jobs as chefs at a research station in Antarctica. After meeting in one of the coldest and most isolated places on the planet, they are living proof that you can find true love in the unlikeliest of places! A nomadic couple, they have been traveling together non-stop since their relationship began 2 years ago.

The playful Americans have a very active sex life and make love (or masturbate together) anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day. Their favorite position is doggy style closely followed by the “anvil”, but are constantly experimenting with new things, including a desire to have a threesome or group sex. They enjoy a wide variety of kinks, including anal play, foot fetishes, creampies, and sex outdoors (particularly on balconies!)

As nudists and exhibitionists, the adventurous couple love to be naked whenever possible, especially while indoors. While they are super into the rush of public exposure and naughtiness, they believe in “consensual” exhibitionism and are mindful to not expose themselves to people who might be offended. Even so, they have fucked in parks, fitting rooms, public bathrooms, and beaches.

Indeed, their craziest sex story was probably the first time they recorded themselves having sex in public, fully nude on a beach in Mexico! Their fantasy is to become traveling sex vloggers having sex around the world under the motto: lustful sights, sensual delights. With an emphasis on realness, authenticity, and being genuine, we know they’ll fit right in here at Lustery!


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Aimee & Caden's Video Collection

Tour of Pleasures
Aimee and Caden are a nomadic couple that travel the world living out of their backpacks. Currently in Romania, the playful Americans decided to use their first Lustery video to give a naked tour of their AirBnB, taking sexy (and silly) selfies while teasing each other in every room. After making it back to the bed, the gorgeous pair proceed to make loud and passionate love in a stellar debut scene!
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