Fanny & Zane

The basics
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  • Name:

    Fanny & Zane

  • Age:

    40 & 37

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    London, UK

  • Sex life:


Zane and Fanny first connected at work… where Fanny gave Zane the very distinct impression that she hated him. Far from, says Fanny, who admits that while she might have been ignoring him in the office, she was “wanking over the thought of him in the toilets”. It would take Zane chancing a right swipe on her on a dating app years later (still not entirely sure she didn’t despise him) for the two to finally explore the chemistry that had been there all along.

“We're two polyamorous, incurably horny individuals who love each other furiously and are very keen to indulge our filthy exhibitionist streaks. Our approach to sex is predicated on loving, lusty communication and prizing intimacy and connection above all else,” they say. Their non-traditional approach to romance is mirrored by a sex life where spontaneity trumps routine and there are no expectations but there is plenty of communication. Public play aficionados and lovers of piss play, hours-long oral sessions and anal play, they say, “Sex is a very important part of our relationship, but it’s in service of the greater goal of maintaining intimacy and a sense of connection.” Filthy but oh-so-wholesome – just the way we like it on Lustery.


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Fanny & Zane's Video Collection

Sweet & Heady
Solo polyamorous paramours Fanny and Zane exude infectious charm in their heartwarming Lustery debut. Over glasses of wine to ease their first-time nerves, the engaging pair share the long journey of how they transitioned from crushing co-workers into passionate lovers who prioritize open and honest communication in all aspects of their relationship. Indeed, the two are very vocal throughout the sweet and sultry scene, making sure to check in and ask about their feelings and desires. Filmed only a few days before Fanny leaves London for a lengthy stay in Mexico, this stellar initial video will be sure to bring a smile to your face!
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