Introducing: Fanny & Zane

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As Fanny and Zane explain it, they first met while working together for a few months. Office romance? Think again. Fanny says she was “so overwhelmed with a conflicting sense of workplace lust that I ignored Zane, all the while secretly wanking over the thought of him in the office toilets.” And Zane? Well, he reckoned Fanny hated him. “It wasn't until we connected through Feeld a couple of years later that we could finally be honest about our desire for each other,” they say. “After two cocktails and one hot kiss, we immediately decided to get naked on our first date and had ‘all of the sex’, as we now describe it.”

As solo polyamorous partners, Fanny (originally from Australia) and Zane (a South African) aren’t your traditional ‘couple’. Describing their relationship, the queer kinksters say, “We're two polyamorous, incurably horny individuals who love each other furiously and are very keen to indulge our filthy exhibitionist streaks. Our approach to sex is predicated on loving, lusty communication and prizing intimacy and connection above all else.”

In terms of their sex life, this translates to plenty of spontaneity and an approach to togetherness that is far from routine. “We like to keep our plans pretty spontaneous and don’t like to feel pressure to have sex every second we spend together,” they say. “Sex is a very important part of our relationship, but it’s in service of the greater goal of maintaining intimacy and a sense of connection.”

Keeping things spontaneous is also the perfect excuse to indulge public play and exhibitionism, which together with piss play, watching porn together and dirty talk, is one of their mutual kinks. They say that the wilds of Hamstead Heath were a favorite spot during lockdown but give them a filthy alleyway or the corner of a sweaty club any time too. And Lustery screens? You bet!

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