Emma & Rae

The basics
  • 315
  • Name:

    Emma & Rae

  • Age:

    22 & 39

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    San Marcos, USA

  • Sex life:


Emma and Rae met as coworkers and soon fell deeply in love! They’ve been living together and working at the same coffee shop for three years now, and so spend just about all their time with one another. As a result, they are incredibly close, usually thinking in tandem and often finishing each other’s… sentences.

Since the baristas are busy much of the week, they prefer to be lazy on weekends and spend their mornings making love (cooking a nice vegetarian breakfast after). They’ll also take their play outside with day trips to nearby cities, wineries, or a lakeside nude beach. They once had sex in a public park and were nearly caught when two joggers took a detour of the trail!

The couple’s sex life is very healthy, and they fuck (at least) three times a week. Due to their age difference, have something of an older/younger fetish with Emma liking to call Rae “daddy” and be his “little girl.” The arrangement is naturally great for Rae, while Emma loves to have a man who knows what he’s doing!


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Emma & Rae's Video Collection

Take It Outside
Coworkers and life partners, Emma and Rae take a day off and venture out on a road trip for their second Lustery video. It’s their first time shooting outdoors and the two are equal parts excited and nervous – an exhilarating mix as they begin to strip down. There’s a lot to love in this one – plenty of position changes as the sunlight plays across their skin, incredible POV shots – though maybe the hottest thing is the pair’s stifled gasps of pleasure, their whispered dirty talk and their barely suppressed moans as they try not to get caught. It’s peace and quiet at its most blissful.
Full video

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