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Anna & Jelly

The basics
  • 390
  • Name:

    Anna & Jelly

  • Age:

    25 & 24

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    United Kingdom

  • Sex life:


Anna and Jelly met on a park bench underneath a tree with a pair of shoes hanging from the branches. Anna was sitting by herself playing Pokémon while munching on some sour Skittles and looking up at the light shining through the colorful leaves, when Jelly approached her with a psychological quiz in hand and asked her what size her feet were.

Although initially suspicious of his intentions, Anna soon got over her anxiety towards talking with strangers and ended up sitting and joking with Jelly for over two hours. At the end of the conversation, they exchanged numbers feeling as if they already knew each other better than most of their friends. Anna ended up calling him almost immediately afterwards in a panic about a job interview, but Jelly helped calm her nerves and she ended up getting the position.

Anna invited him out by way of thanks, and the two ended up getting pizza and watching silly YouTube videos all night. From that day forward, the two became inseparable, with Jelly comforting and supporting Anna in doing things –like having sex for the first time and learning snowboarding– that she always wanted to do but had been too afraid to pursue. The two recently got married (after Jelly casually proposed over pizza one day), in a lowkey, private affair followed by a snowboarding honeymoon that saw the newlyweds narrowly avoiding an avalanche!

The pair decided a few months into the relationship to get into webcamming and explore their sexuality. Anna is super into bondage and has a latex fetish, while Jelly is into pretty much everything as long as Anna is having a good time. Having worked in porn briefly, Jelly is really good at making Anna (and their partners in threesomes) squirt. Overall, sex has allowed them to live more freely, meet some amazing people, and learn that nothing is really that odd (so you shouldn’t worry about what other people think)!


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Anna & Jelly's Video Collection

Red, Red Whine
We are very happy to welcome the colorful Anna and Jelly to the Lustery family! The charming British couple have been camming for some time now and so are obviously very comfortable sharing their sexuality, delivering an explosive scene full of loud moaning, passionate fucking, and uncontrollable squirting!
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