Almond & Stephen

The basics
  • 22
  • Name:

    Almond & Stephen

  • Age:

    25 & 26

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Toronto, Canada

  • Sex life:


Canadian cuties Almond and Stephen first met about two years ago through a dating site, however it wasn’t instant intimacy they were after. Instead the pair spent about five months building trust and a deep connection and understanding of each other’s consent and communication styles before they had sex for the first time. It was an exercise, they say, which quickly led to falling in love – and when you hear about their deliciously drawn out sex life, you’ll realise that falling in love was the only ‘quick’ thing these two languid lovers have done. “Our sex life is a blend of softness, intensity, roughness and tenderness,” they say. “We have sex probably two or three times a week, often for hours at a time – to the point where we joke about anything under two hours being a quickie for us. We adore taking our sweet time ravishing each other's bodies and finding new ways to connect physically and emotionally.” This proactive and provocative approach to fucking has seen the sensual lovers amass their fair share of thrilling sex stories, “from hours-long, mega slow sessions of tantric eroticism to cum swapping after fucking each other in a sex club”. The love face-to-face positions that emphasise eye contact, citing “one in which we both lie back and put a double-ended dildo in our asses, and perform vaginal penetration at the same time” as a breathtaking favourite. “We don’t know what it's called and think we might have invented it,” the kinksters who also count sex rituals, power play, sensory deprivation, fisting, bondage, public vibration play and spit play as favourites explain. It’s an intimate inventiveness we can’t wait to see played out on Lustery screens.


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Almond & Stephen's Video Collection

Intent & Intensity
Canadian lovers Almond and Stephen are only half-joking when they say that for them, anything under two hours counts as a quickie. Though their Lustery debut doesn’t quite run to feature film length, the delicious drawn out nature of their sensual sex life shines through in a sensational debut. As the two edge each other closer to climax, their blissed out groans and breathless exclamations of ‘Fuck!’ are a constant affirmation of their arousal expressed eagerly in words. That is, until Almond attaches a dildo to Stephen’s face and all he can do is express his ecstasy through muffled moans as he used the new appendage to fuck her pussy. If a video ever invited lingering longer, this is it.
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