Mikki & Bridgette

The basics
  • 395
  • Name:

    Mikki & Bridgette

  • Age:

    26 & 24

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Sex life:


Bridgette and Mikki originally met through a friend but were both super shy and didn’t talk for a few months after that. Then one day Mikki sent Bridgette a message on a dating app saying “I like your brain things” ...and somehow that pickup line worked!

They’re a pretty wild couple on the whole - they have a lot of threesomes and have explored heaps of fetishes together. They’re both switches, and they collect sex toys with a particular interest in things most people wouldn’t own, because… why the hell not? They’ve got Hitachis and rope, crops and paddles, all the usual bits -but they also own ballet boots, cock crushers, remote controlled flexible vibrators designed for all body types, electroshock insertable toys, and all kinds of other sensory gadgets.

Mikki is mostly a sub and is super into combining food with sex, while Bridgette is mostly a Dom who spends a lot of time smothering people. Their sex life is inconsistent, sometimes having sex several times a day and sometimes not at all for a few months, but they always know they have a serious chemistry when it starts up again that makes it all worthwhile. After all, their most intimate, passionate sex is with each other.


bedroom, female pov, kissing, long hair, oral sex, pubic hair, short hair, tattoos, blonde hair, brown hair, glasses, sex toy, vibrator, lube, queer, dildo, lesbian, masturbating, handjob, magic wand, POV, Fluid bonded.

Mikki & Bridgette's Video Collection

A Wild Ride
Bridgette and Mikki describe their sex life as a rollercoaster, with ever-changing sex drives, roles, and fetishes. They have a massive collection of sex toys and show off two of their favorites in the couple’s first video for Lustery. We can’t wait to see more of their collection in the future!
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