Pablo & Mati

The basics
  • 65
  • Name:

    Pablo & Mati

  • Age:

    29 & 29

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Santiago, Chile

  • Sex life:


Santiago-based sweethearts Pablo and Mati credit each other as their ‘firsts’ – in other words, first relationships ever. And 11 years later, after connecting via Facebook, sharing their first kiss (and first fuck) on their second date, and then having to navigate several years together long-distance, they’re still going strong – and steamy! Now living together, every day is an exercise in fun and discovery for the work-from-home lovers, even if they’re just hitting the grocery store together. However, as they readily admit, their favourite type of exploring is the type you can do with your tongue. “We really enjoy kissing and everything that includes tongues, like rimming and sucking – and dirty talk!” they say. “We have sex three or four times a week; sometimes it can be blowjobs until we both cum, or an intense kissing session while jerking together.” The great trust they share also means that their relationship enjoys plenty of freedom and few restrictions. “We are into exhibitionism, cruising and we fantasize about having a swinger experience,” they say. “We would like this to be something casual, nothing planned, it's all about the chemistry for us, and a sexy mind could be tempting…” Tempting too is their mesmerising Lustery debut – one that is sure to get tongues wagging!


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Pablo & Mati's Video Collection

Double-ended dildo playing
We were horny AF but both wanted to bottom. Fortunately, we had our big black double-ended dildo to join the party.
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