Introducing: Pablo & Mati

Category: Couple News

Chilean couple Pablo and Mati are so deeply an entrenched part of each other’s day lives that it’s hard to believe were long-distance for many years.

After meeting via Facebook in 2009 at the age of just 17, Pablo and Mati went from relative strangers to lovers in the space of two unforgettable dates. Though they’d grown instantaneously close, geography had other plans and their relationship remained long-distance while they lived in separate cities studying at university. “We used to see each other just three or four times a month, so we used to have dates in Mati’s university and loved to go to the fourth-floor restrooms of his campus to fuck,” they recall.

These days, however, they moved in with each other and have a family together – well, a cat anyway. “We’re best friends and lovers,” they say. “We both work from home, so it always feels like we are having a slumber party. The most important thing for us is that we are always laughing and having fun – even going to the grocery shop together is always fun.”

Needless to say, their sex life is dedicated to mutual enjoyment too. “We have sex three or four times a week,” they say. “Sometimes it can be blowjobs until we both cum, or an intense kissing session while jerking together. It depends on the day and the mood, but we are both pretty versatile, so we like to go with the flow.” They rate kissing and everything that includes tongues, like rimming and sucking, as some of their top turn-ons – just watch their tongue-wagging Lustery debut and you’ll see that it shows.

“We have been together more than 11 years, so we met really young and sex and discovering each other has been always a really important thing in our relationship,” they say. “We feel blessed for being able to keep our flame alive and still be sharing new experiences together.”