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Noir & Jean

The basics
  • 2699
  • Name:

    Noir & Jean

  • Age:

    23 & 20

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Florida, USA

  • Sex life:


People often tell Ms. Noir and Jean they are the perfect couple, and well, they agree! When they start kissing time seems to stop and nothing else matters. The first time they hooked up at a party they literally couldn’t wait to get home, they started tearing off each other’s clothes in the taxi. Nowadays they enjoy the privacy of their room and taking time to enjoy and appreciate good foreplay. For example, strip teasing and building anticipation plays a big part in their sex life.

They have sex regularly, on average at least three times a week. Over the course of their relationship they have learned exactly what the other wants and craves in the bedroom. Sex Toys feature prominently in their sex life, Ms. Noir’s current favourite is an anal plug that she loves to wear as Jean fucks her.


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Noir & Jean's Video Collection

Permission to Pleasure
Ms Noir knows exactly how to pleasure Jean, but that’s not all she desires. She craves his permission to do so. Jean isn’t selfish though, he knows how to push every single one of Ms Noir’s buttons. Of course, a butt plug always helps…
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