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Kate & Chris

The basics
  • 1409
  • Name:

    Kate & Chris

  • Age:

    29 & 31

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Wyoming, USA

  • Sex life:


For most couples, moving in together is only something that happens after a few months (or years) of dating. For Kate and Chris though, moving in together happened long before they started dating, when Chris moved into an open room in Kate’s house. As it turned out, it was the room adjacent to hers and the pair spent six months trying local restaurants, chatting cross-legged on Kate’s bed and getting to know each other as friends. One day, after a few drinks at a local bar, Kate knocked on Chris’s door asking if they could cuddle that night. Needless to say, they’ve been cuddling since and say that their relationship can be described as their “single greatest adventure”. And when you consider that they’ve lived in a van together as well as five separate cities, started numerous businesses – including starting to make porn together – and gone through Kate’s cancer diagnosis and full recovery, that’s pretty adventurous! As they say, “We’ve had our fair share of opportunities to support and encourage each other through growth and pain, good times and bad.”

A typical day in their sex life involves Chris waking Kate up in the morning “by rolling over and teasing her with my kisses and fingertips until she wakes up aroused and excited. I cuddle up behind her and smell and kiss her all over, and then we have snuggle-sex while we slowly wake up together. We like to try something new in the afternoon if we have time, and then if we have the energy, one more cuddle-fuck before bed.” They also love exploring different power dynamics together. “We both like to be dominant and submissive, and we’ve experimented with role reversals and femdom that we have both really enjoyed. Kate loves to be submissive and let Chris ‘use her’, taking his time to enjoy her body however he pleases. Chris gets really turned on when Kate blindfolds him and teases him until he’s shaking. We both have a little ‘switch’ in us.”


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Kate & Chris's Video Collection

Pressure Off, Hands On
Sex is good and all but have you tried mutual masturbation? No, seriously. Lustery favorites Kate and Chris say that this practice is sometimes even better than sex. And then they back it up with a blissful video beginning with their signature bird’s-eye view perspective and syrupy slow exploration of each other’s bodies. Introduce a few select toys, a lot of lube and plenty of time, and it’s a languid and ecstatic dance times to orgasmic perfection.
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