Miro & Mona

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    Miro & Mona

  • Age:

    23 & 26

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    Life partners

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    Montreal, Canada

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Avid readers, amateur writers, and professionally trained historians, there’s a lot about Canadian couple Miro and Mona that indicated they would be a good match. So much so, that despite waiting more than a year after initially connecting on social media for their first date, it ended with Miro getting his ass eaten and the start of a relationship every bit as sexy as it is erudite. The polyamorous and switchy sweethearts enjoy a very communitive and engaged sex life that “gives us avenue to get up to weird and exciting stuff”. Their willingness to experiment, try new things and experience different types of pleasure has led to a host of unforgettable erotic experiences, like fucking in the beautiful old porno theatre in Montreal (think private box and acrobatic sex against the slit window looking down into the cinema); the time Mona did Miro’s makeup, dressed him up in an adorable frock and then pegged him at his prettiest, and or the time Mona wore puppy ears and a fluffy tail plug to gobble up Miro’s cum out of a dog bowl. “A lot of our shared fetishes involve humiliation, subjugation, and discipline – pet play, DD/LG (and the inverse), and spanking are big ones,” they say. “We also both love breath play, rope bondage, spanking, CBT, and ass-to-mouth.” Sweating yet? Take a moment, fan your face, and then hit play on their red-hot Lustery debut.


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Miro & Mona's Video Collection

Asking For It
Kinky Canadians Miro and Mona call their relationship “equal parts erudite and sexy”, and their sensational Lustery debut makes it whimper-inducingly clear that having a way with words plays into both. It’s a communication-centric exploration of enthusiastic consent and “asking for it” as their means to get exactly what they want – whether its Mona’s nails run down his chest, his hand around their throat, a glass dildo buried deep in Mona’s ass, and more. It never hurts to ask!
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