Introducing: Miro & Mona

Category: Couple News

Sometimes a first date is worth waiting – in the case of Canadian pair Miro and Mona, it would take a full year.

Their initial connection was a comedy of errors and missed opportunities. Miro slid into Mona’s DMs after mutual friends hinted they might be interested (Mona maintains that they’d said no such thing). After discovering they’d be attending the same noise show, meeting in person seemed certain… but instead Miro stood a few meters away from Mona all evening with saying hi once. Plans were made to try again… once Miro returned from a year abroad working in China.

A year later, their persistence paid off and they finally had their first date – made all the more memorable for Miro having his ass eaten by Mona to mark the occasion. “In the subsequent months, many home-cooked dinners, bike rides, and hours of marathon sex followed,” they say, describing their relationship as “equal part erudite and sexy”.

Polyamorous (“but not cringe about it”), switchy and into group sex, the kinky couple say that they have sex whenever they see each other. “When we have sex we fuck like rabbits, often multiple times over the course of a few hours, and this process is always one of experimentation, where we try new things, and discover new types of pleasure.” This approach to intimacy has led to some pretty memorable experiences: there was the time Mona did Miro’s makeup and picked out a very cute dress for him to wear before pegging him and, of course, the time Mona wore puppy ears and a fluffy tail plug and ate Miro’s cum out of a dog bowl on all fours. It stands to reason that their shared kinks involve humiliation, subjugation, and discipline, with pet play, DD/LG (and the inverse) and spanking being big ones.

If all of the above doesn’t already make them perfect for Lustery, one of their other kinks does. “We also love incorporating voyeurism (with other parties, or with a camera) into the sex that we have,” they say, and after watch their incredible debut, anyone would be more than happy to be a fly on their wall.