Kai & Molly

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    Kai & Molly

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    30 & 26

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    Life partners

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    Gloucestershire, UK

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Molly and Kai have been an integral part of each other’s lives for almost four years. The soon-to-be newlyweds have a family together, and work together (creating smut, thank you very much), making it all the more unbelievable – or is that just romantic? – that when they met, it was intended to be nothing more than a casual fuck. Kai had answered a request Molly put on a fetish site, one date turned into two turned and ultimately into falling in love “hard and fast”. Awww! “We have a very open, honest and trusting relationship,” they say. “We always talk about our feelings, boundaries and work things out if there’s anything either of us have on our mind and we both support each other in our work and goals. We are a great team!”

Of course, there’s a deviant side to all this sweetness too. They say that they get most turned on by having a D/s dynamic and love dd/lg play with Kai being more dominant while Molly is more submissive. “Our favourite position is doggy style – it feels so good for both of us,” says Molly. “I love giving oral sex as much as Kai loves receiving it. Kai loves having their nipples played with as it’s a super sensitive spot. And we’re both very open to trying new kinks and we share a lot of fetishes. We both love bondage, gags, spanking, pee play, CNC and roleplay.”

We have a feeling they’re going to fit right in here at Lustery – and their amazing debut video proves it!


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Kai & Molly's Video Collection

Naughty But Nice
Kinky UK-based couple Molly and Kai are more than willing to admit that their sex life can sometimes be hardcore and deliciously deviant – think power play, choking, degradation… But then again, it can also be sweet, passionate and romantic. Lucky for us, their sensational Lustery debut showcases the best of both worlds as well as some of their favourite sex acts: dirty talk, enthusiastic face fucking and using Molly’s glass dildo combined with a magic wand for orgasmic effect. This spicy pair has most definitely found their sweet spot.
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