Felipe & Vanessa

The basics
  • 131
  • Name:

    Felipe & Vanessa

  • Age:

    22 & 24

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Nova Friburgo, Brazil

  • Sex life:


It might have been thrills that Brazilian pair Vanessa and Felipe were after when they first connected on a dating app four years ago but in this case, they quite literally met their match: someone as into conquering trails, mountain peaks, waterfalls and more as they were. And that’s not to mention their various wild sexploits! Two weeks after their first date they moved in together and it’s been non-stop adventure since, in and out of the bedroom. (In fact, since the forest is their favourite place to fuck, they’ve sent sperm flying in crazy mountaintop romps and they feel as comfortable getting it on under a waterfall as they do under the covers, we’re guessing more ‘out’ than ‘in’.) They also count threesomes as a major rush, with Vanessa adding that their nothing better than sucking a wet pussy while Felipe takes her from behind. Phew!


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Felipe & Vanessa's Video Collection

Double Pleasure
I love that feeling of double pleasure when I masturbate and I jack him off at the same time. It makes me feel pleasure pleasuring him, just with my hands. The purpose of this game is for us to reach orgasm together, and the feeling is amazing because I get him excited with my hands, touching it and touching myself at the same time is very satisfying!
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