Introducing: Felipe & Vanessa

Category: Couple News

The thrill-seeking Brazilian pair first connected on a dating app where their similarities were fast apparent. “We both liked adventures such as good trails, climbing mountains, good waterfalls…” It was enough to arouse their desire for each other, the deal sealed by a perfect picnic date, complete with delicious fruits, ice cream and, most mouth-watering of all, mind-blowing sex. Two weeks later the lovers moved in together (see, told you they’re afraid of nothing) and they haven’t looked back since.

They describe themselves as “a couple who likes to do everything together” and they relish any opportunity to try something new and dial up the intensity – especially when it comes to sex. “Our sex life is very active, there’s no time or place! When we feel like it, we're doing it! Whether it's morning sex after waking up, in the middle of a trail, after a waterfall bath or even during the waterfall bath, during a picnic in the field, under the covers on a cold night or during a movie, we're always horny for each other!”

One of their many wild sex stories involved climbed a mountain, getting to the top, and then getting carried away… with each other. “We started kissed and I started sucking his cock,” Vanessa says. “It was so tasty that we started having sex. The mountain was so high that when we looked down, we only saw clouds! After a while, he came and sperm flew everywhere due to the wind. It was very crazy, but we loved it!”

They also love sharing their (s)exploits. “One of our favourite sexual acts must be threesomes,” says Vanessa.“There’s nothing more exciting than sucking a wet pussy while he fucks me from behind or sucking another woman while he watches us and masturbates.” And being watched by an appreciative audience right here on Lustery? That’s their next big thrill…

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