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Edo & Lutece

The basics
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  • Name:

    Edo & Lutece

  • Age:

    30 & 25

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Paris, France

  • Sex life:


Edo and Lutèce met each other on an island where they were both working on a theatre project. Nothing happened until the day after the project ended, when Edo came to Lutèce's place and told her he would like to just kiss her. Lutèce agreed, and so he did. Two weeks later they met in Lyon and shared another kind of intimacy: it was here they had their first of many fabulous sex experiences.

Edo's sexual highlight with Lutèce came one night when they were walking home together and talking about their sexual fantasies. They arrived to their building and Lutèce suddenly stopped and started masturbating in front of him. “We were alone in the dark, it was silent, just hearing the sound of her breath, the sound of her fingers masturbating her pussy…such a moment.”

Lutèce's favourite moment in the bedroom is when Edo goes down on her. She also loves returning the favour and taking all the time in the world to do so, this is something she had never enjoyed before. She believes he is a magician, the way he excites her and can make her cum by just touching and teasing her boobs. She loves the sound of his voice whispering stories into her ear while he fucks her. She has discovered she can have multiple orgasms! In her own words: “I feel like fucking with a precious angel during these moments”!

Their sex life is always intense, but they enjoy variations; soft, playful, wild, quick, long teasing, rough… They start with no clear goal, and let it flow with their mood, a soft beginning can quite easily develop into a wild bdsm inspired fuck. They began to play with ropes this year and invented some role play scenarios. They had never before thought of recording it, but they both agree it adds yet another excitement to their games. We are just as excited to watch them!


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Edo & Lutece's Video Collection

Hot, Horny and on Holiday
Fucking on holiday, there aren’t many greater pleasures in life. No stress, no work, no commitments, just the time to relax and enjoy each other. Edu and Lutèce certainly made the most of their short break, coming time and time again, good job they’d packed their camera…
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