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Alexandre & Luis

The basics
  • 62
  • Name:

    Alexandre & Luis

  • Age:

    29 & 28

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Maresias, Brazil

  • Sex life:


It’s the stuff all the best holiday memories are made of: swiping right on a gorgeous stranger, beers on the beach, sneaking off to find hidden places for mind-blowing sex within hours of meeting… In fact, Brazilian babes Alexandre and Luis enjoyed their vacation fling with each other so much that far from simply changing their plans to spend more time together, they made it a permanent fixture. Six years later, the holiday may be over but the romance is enduring.

The guys now live together, but still love the thrill of getting frisky in new places where they risk getting caught. “Even if it doesn't necessarily involve penetration, we just like to suck or touch each other in situations where we are not alone. The scenario plays an important role in our excitement.” And when they’re not exploring unknown places, they’re putting that same adventurous enthusiasm into discovering and expanding their kinks. Think rope bondage; golden showers and cum play; jock straps and thongs; and dildos, vegetables and butt plugs (“and any other object that can be used to fuck and stretch an ass, basically”). And filming themselves? Of course, that’s one too… Welcome to Lustery, boys!


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Alexandre & Luis's Video Collection

Heaven In A Hammock
Brazilian babes Alexandre and Luis have a holiday fling to credit for their relationship, so why are we not surprised they have a hammock in their home? As it turns it, it doubles as a sex swing too – the perfect spot for rubbing their spit-slick dicks together before Luis turns his rapt attention to Alexandre’s ass. Expect an exceptionally erotic Lustery debut that goes all the way from deep throating to toe sucking and plenty, plenty more.
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