Introducing: Alexandre & Luis

Category: Couple News

Sun, sea, sand, a seductive stranger and lots of sex: get the mix right and you have vacation memories to last a lifetime… Get it really right and you might just have a relationship to last a lifetime. At least, this seems to be the case for Brazilian boyfriends Alexandre and Luis who met six years ago while traveling at the coast. “We had such an amazing time that we changed our accommodation to spend the rest of the trip together,” they say. And not even a year later, they moved in together – fittingly in a beachside apartment.

While heady, horny holiday escapades might have informed those first few weeks, there’s more to the incredible chemistry they’ve experienced since Day One. “Since the beginning we decided to headline each other's fascinations, so while sharing a life together we do exercise our own individualities,” they explain. “That makes our relationship very open to new possibilities, sex desires and wishes. We just want to have fun together so we love to fuck, to get to know new lovers and to explore the unknown places inside the city.”

It’s an approach that not only makes for a strong relationship; it makes for an awesome sex life too. The pair say that they usually fuck at least once a day (if not more) and tend to favor taking their time over quickies, so they’re likely to start or end the day naked… or spend the whole day that way! This also gives them ample opportunity to explore their kinks together. “We like to explore and dominate each other using different sex toys… dildos, vegetables, butt plugs and any other object that can be used to fuck and stretch an ass, basically. The greater the challenge, the more pleasurable it is,” they say. “We’re also into rope bondage and on our horniest days, we make them even hotter with golden shower and/or cum play sessions.”

Of course, they also love filming themselves and their incredible Lustery debut is proof of exactly that!