Roman & Serafina

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    Roman & Serafina

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    28 & 24

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    Regular lovers

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Roman and Serafina met on a Berlin porn set, going from introducing themselves to fucking in the space of a single coffee together. However, though the situation may have been staged, the chemistry between them was real, and after going to a drag show together that night, Roman invited Serafina for dinner the next day. A delicious dinner, decadent dancefloor make-outs and a full day in bed later and it was official… Well, official-ish. As the lovers and self-proclaimed relationship anarchists say, “We consider ourselves friends, lovers, and porn comrades. We’re both not interested in having monogamous relationships and seek to simply enjoy the sweet connections that we have with each other and with other people!”

Whenever they visit each other, they treat it as a small holiday – a chance to discover new things, make good food, to cuddle all day in bed and definitely to fuck, often while doing all of the above. Their moments together also allow them the space and freedom to explore their kinks and fetishes. “We like to experiment with switching up power play, impact play, bondage and whatever fun stuff we think of trying in the moment,” they say. Check out their forest fuck Lustery debut and you might even see their first time tying each other up!


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Roman & Serafina's Video Collection

Forest Hump
Roman and Serafina may have met on a porn set but there’s nothing staged about the magical forest setting where they find themselves filming their breathtaking Lustery debut. In the golden glow of the evening sun, the lovers slowly strip down, first taking turns going down on each other before tying each other up, with nearby trees serving as perfect posts to experiment with a little light bondage. Who knew playing outside could be this pleasurable?
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