What happens when you stick two couples together in a romantic forest getaway for the weekend? Well if those couples happen to be Lustery favorites Esluna & Marvin and Roman & Serafina, you get one of the steamiest foursomes imaginable! Although they’re meeting for the first time, the connection these four share is immediately apparent, which perhaps comes as no surprise considering they are all experienced porn performers–both partnerships started on an adult film shoot after all. Indeed, as on set, they take the time beforehand to set ground rules: likes, dislikes, hard boundaries, and a group “cuddle time” before things get messy. Very quickly the clothes come off and the vibe turns hot and heavy, full of moans, laughter, and simply jaw-dropping lovemaking. Hell, they got so entangled in each other that they forgot to break out the sex toys they brought for the occasion…talk about a refreshing retreat!
Esluna & Marvin
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Roman & Serafina
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