Introducing: Roman & Serafina

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Alright, so, yes, it might have been a porn set but it’s not only on camera that sparks were flying between Roman and Serafina. After the shoot, they went to a drag show and Roman invited Serafina for dinner the next day. Roman wowed her with his hors-d’oeuvre skills and they went to a kink club for a sparkling evening of making out on the dance floor. Best of all? Serafina’s flight was 24 hours later than she thought, so they then got to spend a whole magical day in bed.

It was an auspicious beginning for the lovers, who explain that neither of them is interested in having monogamous relationships. “Instead, we seek to simply enjoy the sweet connections that we have with each other and with other people,” they say. Fundamental to what they call their attempt at “relationship anarchy” is plenty of open communication.

It’s an openness that extends to their sex life too, where exploration is a natural part of the pleasure they experience together. “We’re both in quite an exploratory phase in terms of discovering fetishes and kinks,” they say. “We like to experiment with switching up power play, impact play, bondage and whatever fun stuff we think of trying in the moment. We feel like we can tell each other any of our fantasies and curiosities without shame!”

It always feels like a small holiday when they see each other, they say, meaning they enjoy their days to the fullest with lots of “snuggling in bed, making nice food, going on little adventures and having sex amongst – or during – those activities.” Their Lustery debut, filmed in the evening sun in a forest, is exactly such an adventure. As they say, “We love to have sex outside the comfort-zone, in exciting and slightly inappropriate places and experimenting with different ways of doing things!” And we love to see it!

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