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Mitsuki & William

The basics
  • 154
  • Name:

    Mitsuki & William

  • Age:

    28 & 28

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Amsterdamn, Netherland

  • Sex life:


Mitsuki and William are a pair of Amsterdam-based exhibitionists who give new depth to the term ‘life partners’ – after all, they first met playing soccer in a Madrid park when they were 10 and 11 and started dating two years later. “We lost our virginity together at the age of 14,” they say, “and from then on we started to discover our sexuality.” Of course, at that age discovering their sexuality meant, more often than not, skipping school to find somewhere – anywhere! – to have sex. Since they were young teenagers, their options for privacy were limited, so they’d usualle end up in the park or “on the stairs in the doorway doing doggy”. At the same time as discovering their penchant for public play, they say, they were realising how comfortable they felt with sex and trying new things. When they finally did manage to find some privacy, moving in together at age 20, the next thing they experimented with was filming themselves “because it made us horny”. “We love to have sex and have people watching us,” they say. That the two ended up working together in a peepshow is no surprise, and that they ended up here on Lustery, sharing their most intimate moments, is definitely no surprise!


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Mitsuki & William's Video Collection

At Desire's Door
Sensual sweethearts Mitsuki and William return to Lustery screens with their version of a ‘quickie’ – a furtive fuck that takes place primarily in their balcony doorway and yet still manages to devote each last second to absolute pleasure. You’ll be surprised by just how many positions the creative lovers manage to fit into the small space (not to mention, by Mitsuki’s immense gushing squirt, which leaves William happily drenched from the dick down)…
Full video

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