Enrique & Angélica

The basics
  • 228
  • Name:

    Enrique & Angélica

  • Age:

    25 & 21

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Sex life:


Enrique and Angelica met in one of the most appropriately millennial and 21st century way you could meet someone... on Tinder. They met up for lunch - a couple of drinks ensued - and somehow they ended up having sex after less than an hour!

From there sparks kept flying and they decided to go steady two days after. Early on they discovered a mutual curiosity for BDSM practices and roles. This led to them discovering the dynamic of their relationship (DDbg “Daddy Dom-babygirl”). This seemed to fit them naturally and took them on one of their most adventurous sex stories, where they attended a local BDSM play party.

Getting into the BDSM community in their hometown gave them their other big sexual adventure: the random opportunity to participate in a threesome with a female friend. Choosing a favorite position is an ordeal, but they settled on classic doggy style. On average they have sex four days out of the week (though some weeks its daily). They are continuing to expose themselves to new kinks and fetishes but so far they like to practice spanking, slapping, choking, Dom-sub, belting, Primal play, biting, anal play (male and female), toys, collars and they hope to keep expanding.


black hair, cuddling, face-to-face, female pov, frombe, kissing, male pov, oral sex, piercings, pubic hair, short hair, spanking, tattoos, nipple sucking, glasses, hetero, moaning, Cum, trimmed pubic hair, teasing, Tit fuck, masturbating, handjob, Facial hair, rimming, POV, Fluid bonded.

Enrique & Angélica's Video Collection

Happily Horny
Angelica and Enrique love BDSM but for their first Lustery video these Puerto Rican playmates have treated us to an exhibition of their more conventional sex life. Angleica’s hairy pussy is a huge turn on for Enrique and we loved watching the couple pleasure each other orally before fucking the afternoon away…we are sure you will too!
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