Mikki & Baer

The basics
  • 360
  • Name:

    Mikki & Baer

  • Age:

    22 & 21

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Pittsburgh, United States

  • Sex life:


Mikki and Baer met way back in middle school after being introduced by a mutual friend. Mikki had just moved to Germany while Baer had already been living there for several years. It didn't take long for Baer to ask Mikki out and the two dated for about a year, before taking some time off to see other people and explore their sexual interests. When they got back together a few years later, their sex had a passion that it hadn’t before. They’ve been exclusive ever since and continue to discover each other anew every day.

Their relationship was long-distance for four years, so now that they’re finally living together the sexual energy is very strong, with the pair having sex almost every night. The couple like to switch in terms of dominance and submission depending on their moods, and recently began watching porn together and masturbating (which usually leads to full on sex). Their favorite position is doggy style and variations of it, and they also love to incorporate toys like Mikki’s vibrator and Baer’s butt plug.

Mikki and Baer’s most adventurous sex story would be the night they decided to drive to a local beach just to chill… which of course quickly turned into fucking in the back of their car. Right in the middle of some very passionate sex, a cop suddenly appearing knocking on the car window. They quickly dressed and came out to speak to the officer, who said nothing about the sex, only that the beach was closed and they had to leave. So, they just moved the car to a more appropriate location and continued where they’d left off!


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Mikki & Baer's Video Collection

There And Back Again
Mikki and Baer briefly dated in middle school in Germany, later reconnected and endured a long-distance relationship in college, and now finally live together in Pittsburgh, PA. After such a long and roundabout journey, the couple share a deep connection that is clearly evident in the first Lustery video, full of passionate sex, explosive orgasms, and tender laughter.
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