Melody & Cheffie

The basics
  • 175
  • Name:

    Melody & Cheffie

  • Age:

    32 & 33

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Walsall, United Kingdom

  • Sex life:


The moment Melody stepped into the bungalow park restaurant where Cheffie was working as head chef more than a decade ago, their lives changed. The two locked eyes and the chemistry was undeniable. Throw into the mix two kinky personalities perfectly suited to tease – and please – one another and it was a recipe for romance unlike any other. The fact that they’ve been married almost 10 years is a testament to their incredible connection – as is their sizzling sex life.

Melody confirms that she’s definitely a Domme and it shows in their favourite fetishes: femdom, BDSM, pegging, sounding, rimming, prostate massage, ass fetish and roleplay. They fuck as often as possible, listing doggy style and reverse cowgirl as some of their favourite positions as while as Melody’s enthusiasm for a really intense blowjob (all of which are showcased in their red-hot debut).

“We love to film our sex life and to share it with other people,” they say. For the filthy intimate insights into what happens in their bedroom and beyond – starting right here on Lustery!


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Melody & Cheffie's Video Collection

Teasing & Pleasing
As they make their Lustery debut, it’s all about drawing as much dizzy desire as possible out of every moment for kink-loving UK-based couple Melody and Cheffie. Beginning with Melody having conveniently ‘forgotten’ her panties, it’s not long before the two are making the most of a tempting situation with plenty of POV pleasure to showcase their fun and filthy dynamic. Between the dirty talk, you can expect ample servings of their favourites too: doggy style, reverse cowgirl and intense oral.
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