Matthias & Erin

The basics
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  • Name:

    Matthias & Erin

  • Age:

    37 & 38

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Malibu, USA

  • Sex life:


After 16 years together, time has only stoked the flames for Malibu-based babes Matthias and Erin. The pair have sex every day – sometimes three or four or even five times a day – but this wasn’t always the case. Though their connection was instantaneous and the first time they had sex was “unequivocally magical”, Erin says that getting to know her needs and taking her sex drive from sleepy to insatiable was a work-in-progress at first. “But Matthias loved me through and also let me know how much he liked sex,” she says. “I felt inspired to have sex for him but it wasn’t until recently that I healed from ancestral wounds around sexuality and fully blossomed sexually to meet his energy and enthusiasm for sex.” Part of Erin’s sexual reawakening has also been recognizing her attraction to women, making dating other women of the newer chapters in the couple’s journey together. One thing they’ve pretty much always loved though? Filming themselves! Good thing they’re here!


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Matthias & Erin's Video Collection

Magical Sex Land
In their 16 years together, Matthias and Erin have developed more than a few long-standing and lust-fueling traditions; one of them being regular excursions to ‘Magical Sex Land’. More attitude than destination, for the playful pair this means setting out with a bag packed for sex and finding the perfect outdoor spot to fuck al fresco – in the case of their second Lustery video, a secluded corner of a Malibu beach becomes their erotic playground. Set to the soundtrack of crashing waves, expect dirty banter and horny humor (when their mouths aren’t otherwise occupied), some useful pointers for seaside sex and an incredible fuck from behind that shows off Erin’s impressive flexibility as well as her ass.
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