Lala & Arthur

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    Lala & Arthur

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    26 & 28

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    Regular lovers

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While waiting to catch a bus in their hometown in the summer of 2013, Lala and Arthur instead caught each other’s eye when a mutual friend introduced them. From that moment something clicked and they started talking on the daily, discovering common ground with every conversation.

Their compatibility is more than just intellectual though – just ask snack seller who stumbled upon the lusty couple having sex on a public beach. After double checking the two definitely weren’t interested in buying a coffee or donut – “We laughed and continued to fuck,” they say – he retreated a little but continued to watch the sexy scene unfold all the way to its climax. And when you see these two in action for Lustery, you’ll understand why!

Lala loves being on top in positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, while sloppy blowjobs are Arthur’s kink. It’s true what they say about first impressions lasting too because the pair now live together, making pleasuring each other a daily part of life.


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Lala & Arthur's Video Collection

"Hello, there!"
From their first encounter at a bus station, which led to an instant and powerful connection, to their first on-film encounter, it’s clear that lovers Lala and Arthur can’t get enough of each other. Their Lustery debut is the stuff of irrepressible passion and pulling-her-panties-aside-at-the-kitchen-counter urgency, while indulging in some of their favorite things: girl-on-top positions, sloppy blowjobs with lots of spit, and—of course—each other.
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