Jack & Dyna

The basics
  • 354
  • Name:

    Jack & Dyna

  • Age:

    30 & 25

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Stanton, USA

  • Sex life:


After meeting at a bar one slow evening, Jack and Dyna found themselves walking a nature path together with thousands of fireflies all around. To say that sparks flew is no exaggeration – over five years later, they’re still walking a path together. During this time their sex has ranged from flirty and teasing to nasty talk with all the sweet kissing, dick-sucking, and butt squeezing in between – they say that they’re all about experimentation and naughty exploration. “We’re best friends so we’re happy to share everything,” they say. “We love a good threesome and our favorite positions are 69, doggy style, and froggy style – ribbited for her pleasure!” One of their first – and hottest – sexual encounters saw them unable to keep their hands, or anything else, off each other on a deserted outdoor concert stage in the middle of the night. We suspect that they playful American pair will have no problem taking center stage here at Lustery either.


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Jack & Dyna's Video Collection

Blow by Blow
After five years together, Jack and Dyna say their sex has “ranged from flirty to nasty talk with all the sweet kissing, dick-sucking, and butt squeezing in between”. Making their Lustery debut, the American couple allow us not only to look but to listen in as they tease and talk each other harder, wetter, and all the more breathless. Of course, that’s when their mouths aren’t busy with other things… Full of mutual masturbation, spanking and ass worship, the video culminates in a sensual blow job with Jack taking a director’s role to guide an eager Dyna to kiss, lick, and suck him to an explosive finish.
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