Eve & Nicky

The basics
  • 161
  • Name:

    Eve & Nicky

  • Age:

    42 & 31

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Tarpon Springs, United States

  • Sex life:


It only took a single fuck for Nicky to know that Eve was the girl he wanted to marry. At least, that’s how the Rebels tell it, detailing how they met on the set of an adult film they we’re both performing in and kept seeing each other after the project had wrapped. Now married, the couple own a boutique XXX and fetish production company, photography studio, and model representation company in Florida. Eve also works as a professional Dominatrix but Nicky is no submissive – these two are “partners in life and in work”. And it’s a passion-driven approach that carries through to their sex life too. “It is important to us to keep our sex lives exciting, new, and different since we are around sex all day every day,” the porn star pair say. They are unashamed exhibitionists, and love toys and threesomes. They also love getting wet – and we’re talking real wet. Eve is a “huge squirter” – so much so that they’ve customised their bedroom to better accommodate her gushing. “We love to have sex that is very wet and very messy!” they say. To see just how wet and messy, lay down a towel and don’t miss their sensational and soaking Lustery debut!


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Eve & Nicky's Video Collection

Squirts So Good
Adult performers and real-life married pair Nicky and Eve make their debut on Lustery screens to share what goes on behind the scenes in their bedroom. However, you may want to lay down a towel for this one because things are about to get W-E-T as Eve unleashes four huge, gushing squirts in a matter of minutes thanks to Nicky’s masterful fingers. Not to be outdone by Eve’s veritable tsunami, Nicky finishes by coming hard all over her belly and bush. We told you, wet!
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