Introducing: Estigia & Heiwa

Category: Couple News

Fantasy plays a role in Estigia and Heiwa’s relationship in more ways than one – after all, they met at a manga, anime and video game convention.

The Spanish sweethearts first connected a year-and-a-half ago at the event, with their common interests and shared passions making them feel immediately comfortable with one another. “Little by little we got to know each other more and became more interested in each other, until we considered starting a romantic relationship beyond a friendship,” they explain.

However, it wasn’t all the stuff of fairy tales; there was a little reality to contend with too – being long distance (we’re talking Galicia and the Canary Islands long distance) in the middle of a global pandemic. Of course, when they finally did get their hands, mouths and everything else on each other… Well, let’s just say that almost getting caught by the ticket checker in the bathroom of a train now ranks right up there as one of their most epic sex stories.

Not that any distance could keep sex out of their daily relationship. As the pierced and tattooed cuties put it, “Sex is present in our relationship daily, in one way or another, with video calls, hot conversations or conventional sex. We like to play a lot when we are together and when we are not, well, we do that too – nowadays, with the technologies there is, there’s no excuse not to enjoy at a distance.”

The pair say that they are passionate about BDSM and love to play with different roles with their shared kinks including consensual physical pain, erotic asphyxiation and drool. And, it’s no surprise given how playful they are, that they’re really into toys – think vibrators, harnesses with dildos, fuck machines, whips, gags, ropes, pinwheels and more! Just wait until you see how many of them come out in their sensational Lustery debut…