Diego & João

The basics
  • 11
  • Name:

    Diego & João

  • Age:

    25 & 27

  • Type:

    Regular lovers

  • Location:

    Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil

  • Sex life:


For Brazilian babes João and Diego, the tale of how they met and their most adventurous sex story are one in the same. The pair met up – and hooked up – at a drag party João produced in Rio six years ago, each of them in full drag (from their wigs all the way down to their high-heels) and each too into the other to even wait to leave the club to have sex, let alone get out of drag. It was the start of a long-distance lust affair with no strings attached and free as can be but grounded in an incredible connection and plenty of mind-blowing sex. The pair say they see each other whenever they happen to be in the same city, usually for a couple days each month. “A typical day in our sex life is filled with lots of oral sex, sometimes some pig play and it always finishes with pizza!” they say. Clubs and bars are still favorite places to play, though they love sex parties, orgies, cruising hot spots and nudist beaches too. Their sex life in a word? HOT!


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Diego & João's Video Collection

Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride
João and Diego are no-strings-attached lovers who live in separate cities, so every chance they get to spend a little time together is all about enjoying each moment to its fullest – and, of course, its hottest! Their Lustery debut offers a tantalizing snapshot of their sex life with plenty of dick sucking and rimming (their favorite sex acts), ass play, anal sex and intense orgasms.
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