Luis & Rob

The basics
  • 66
  • Name:

    Luis & Rob

  • Age:

    27 & 24

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Sex life:


It was purely by chance that Luis and Rob first met at a pool party while Rob, then living in Mexico, was on exchange in Barcelona. However, after a month of spending every spare moment together, it was intention that kept them together through a year of long-distance before Rob moved to Barcelona for good. And now that the Latin lovers are together, they can’t – and won’t – keep their hands off each other. “Sexually, we both love to do everything that involves having the legs up, for example, the bridge, and missionary with legs up is one of our favourites.” They also love 69ing (as is evident in their phenomenal Lustery debut) and Rob is a huge fan of performing oral sex, while Luis loves burying his tongue between Rob’s ass cheeks. Oh, and don’t forget golden showers, threesomes, public sex and their kink for watching each other get sweaty at the gym and then tearing each other’s clothes off the minute they hit the shower at home. Sure, they fight from time to time too, but there’s nothing, they say, that good sex can’t fix.


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Luis & Rob's Video Collection

Bump & Grind
After a year of long-distance right at the start of their relationship, Barcelona-based pair Rob and Luis now never miss out on any opportunity to get their hands (and more!) on each other. Each sensual kiss, deliciously intentional touch and urgent grind of their sensational Lustery debut is an ode to the most carnal of closeness, with highlights punctuated by blissful exclamations – just listen as Luis buries his tongue in Rob’s ass – and the perfect geometry of two bodies undeniably in touch.
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