Alice & Rosie

The basics
  • 195
  • Name:

    Alice & Rosie

  • Age:

    23 & 22

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Sydney, Australia

  • Sex life:


Rosie and Alice first realised they might be more than just friends when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other at work. You’d think it would’ve helped that work was a strip club but as the adorable Australian strippers laughingly admit, they didn’t make any money the night they first fucked because they were too busy going at it in the toilets. And they’re still going at it! “Our relationship is equally as physically erotic as it is emotionally intimate,” they say. “We share everything with each other – including new play things when we're feeling like having threesomes or orgies.” Sex is an exploration for the pair and, they say, they’re constantly experimenting. So far that has meant trying food play, sensation play, foot worship, electrostimulation and spanking together. They also love sex toys and have already amassed what they jokingly describe as “a box of dicks”. In the future, the adventurous cuties hope to add butt plugs, restraints, voyeurism and temperature play to their lustworthy list. For now, they’re just excited to finally film their red-hot sex life for Lustery. “We can’t wait to jerk off to our own porn!” they say.


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Alice & Rosie's Video Collection

(Going) Down Under
Rosie and Alice are an adorable stripper couple from Australia who first met when they were working in the same club. Their flirting soon turned to fucking and luckily for Lustery they’ve moved beyond sneaky hookups in the club toilets and we’ve been invited along. Soundtracked by a duet of escalating moans, giggles and gasps, the girls’ sweet and sexy debut features some blissful 69 action, breathtaking face-sitting and taking turns with their strap-on and bringing each other to absolute bliss.
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